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An aluminium ladder is a particularly popular solution for householders looking for access to their loft as they are sturdy, but light. They are also easily installed

This type of ladder can be bought including a handrail, trap-door hinges and latch pole.

Depending on the height between the landing and the hatch there are loft ladders which come in two or three sections.

These folding ladders see the different sections stacked on top of another when they are not in use.

When they are to be used they are folded down and locked in a fully straight position.

Similar to the folding variety are sliding ladders. These also come in two or three sections and when folded up save space.

They are usually attached directly to the loft joists which helps save on cost.

There are also concertina ladders made typically out of 10 or 11 sections which take up much less room when folded up.

They are usually bought preassembled and this makes installation easier. Included in the pack are hinges for the trap door catch and pole hook.

And because of their design they usually require little inside loft clearance.

For people with only small lofts and who are eager to have as much space available as possible telescopic aluminium loft ladders are ideal for access to the roof space.

This type of ladder can be stored in the loft space. The ladder is lowered by using a strap which releases the ladder hatch.

A catch, pole hook and trap door hinges are usually included in the pack.

The ladders usually come from the manufacturers in specific sizes. However, if space is tight, it is possible to purchase one which is made to measure to suit the particular customer’s requirements.

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