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When it comes to bungalows converting the loft is, perhaps understandably, the most home improvement popular project amongst property owners.

This is particularly so when you consider that the amount of wasted space in a bungalow because of the loft can be more than 50%!

And, of course, loft conversions are so much easier and usually cheaper than building a new ground floor extension or digging out a new basement.

In fact if you live in a bungalow that was built prior to the mid 1950s than you probably have the best property possible for a loft conversion.

Bungalows built before the 1950s were usually built with massive loft spaces and all this wasted space can easily be utilised to hugely increase the amount of living space in the property.

Moving Upstairs

When home owners convert the loft their most popular choice for the new roof space is a bedroom or two, and often en-suite.

New bedrooms are so popular because it allows the homeowner to convert the original ground floor bedrooms into new living rooms.

A common scheme amongst bungalow owners who opt for a loft conversion is to transfer the sleeping accommodation to the loft and using one the vacated ground floor rooms as a kitchen extension by knocking down the original walls.

Fire Safety

As with any type of loft conversion the building regulations are very strict when it comes to fire safety and what can be allowed when converting the loft.

Changes to the building regulations specify that a fire protected stairway must be installed.

However, bungalow's are slightly different to two story houses in that if it is impossible to install a protected stairway than the bungalow owner can fit escape windows to the new loft room and still gain building regulations approval.

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