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In the UK a loft conversion is the most common of the large home improvement projects.

Here we explain why...

It’s one of life’s stresses. It can break your heart. It can also break the bank.

No-one really wants to move home unless there’s something wrong with the house they’re in.

No one really wants to have to renew all their furniture and soft furnishing without reason. Moving home can be a pain.

A predominant reason for having to move is a lack of space. Families find they need more room.

This can be for a variety of reasons: either to accommodate a new member; make provision for sons and daughters growing up, and needing more privacy; because of a basic need for more work space; or even just due to the need to have ‘shed’ space in the house rather than trailing outside each time.

Even so, generally, people don’t want to move away from the neighbours they have got to know and trust.

They also don’t usually want to leave the local streets, shops, and pubs they have got to know so well.

Equally, families with children are normally not keen in moving them from schools where they have their friends, and the teachers they know.

They almost certainly don’t feel like leaving the home they’ve taken time to furnish and style to be their own.

So, why move? Why uproot the family? Why go through the hell of the property chain?

Why incur the cost involved in the buying of a new house?

Why add to that the money spent in actually moving plus the less obvious costs of refurnishing the new home?

There’s also the fact that adding an extra room to your house will almost certainly not affect your Council Tax banding until, or if, the house is eventually sold.

A loft conversation saves money, all the uncertainty and much of the hassle. It’s like an extension but without having the ugly carbuncle sticking out from the back of your house and lessening the length of your garden.

A loft conversation is turning an underused area into an integral part of the home and almost certainly costs a lot less.

The truth is we already all know the pros and cons of where we already live. There’s very little uncertainty. We acknowledge the lesser aspects of our home and the area around and have adapted.

We also know whether the roof space we already have would due to the heat, light, and noise levels, be best served as a storage area, additional bedroom or as a new office space and organise accordingly.

All in all it is easy to see that a UK Loft conversion is the simpler, less risky, and more economical alternative to moving house.

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