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There are many good reasons why you should think about using an architect for your home extension and probably only one reason why you shouldn’t. Lets deal with the negative first.


These are professional people and they don’t work for pennies.

Their fees can appear, and indeed sometimes are, very high.

But, before dismissing them out-of-hand, lets look at the positives including how even those fees can end up saving you time and money in the long run.

The Advantages

Firstly, lets consider what an architect is. It is a mistake to think that his work revolves solely around designing and drawing plans.

A fully qualified professional is an expert in many facets of building design, law and construction and his role in your loft conversion project need not be limited to simply drawing plans.

He can essentially become your project manager. Making sure that the plans are followed, building regulations adhered too, materials delivered and building work carried out proficiently and to budget.

In short he will make your loft conversion proceed as smoothly and as quickly as possible.

And the end result will be exactly what you were looking for and expecting.

Loft conversions, depending on circumstances, can sometimes be very complicated projects.

But an architect will be able to guide his client through the maze of building regs and planning criteria as well as the technicalities of planning such a large project.

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