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Converting the roof space is a great way to increase living space in the home and although this site is firmly aimed at UK homeowners I hope our North American friends will also be able find some useful information on these pages.

Although the word ‘attic’ is sometimes used in the UK, a ‘loft’ in North America is an apartment – not the roof space at the top of a house.

This page then is really for our cousins across the pond and will hopefully serve as a pointer for them towards other useful pages on this site.

Whilst the UK building regulations and planning permission laws will be of no relevance whatsoever the attic conversion design pages will hopefully be of some interest.

Converting the roof space is sometimes necessary because we need to make the best use of the limited space available in the roof, the need to practically furnish that space and to make a safe environment are the same whichever side of the Atlantic you are on.

Converting the roof space is the best solution to creating extra living space in the home without losing garden space to an outside extension.

The very nature of a room in the roof, with sloping walls and panoramic views from carefully placed windows, makes for an ideal living space and can usually be built for much less than an outside extension would cost.

Converting the roof will not only add space but also add value to your home. As a real estate investment converting the loft is a secure risk.

And, the great thing about that unused space in your roof is that it is literally a blank canvas and can become (almost) anything you want:

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