Reasons To Build A Loft Conversion

There are some compelling reasons to build a loft conversion and here we look at the top five reasons why home owners in the UK convert the loft.

Increased Space

The first and the most common reason to convert the loft is to increase the amount of living space in the house.  So it really isn't surprising that couples with growing families are the people most likely to build an attic conversion.

In the past a growing family would simply move to a larger home but in today's volatile housing market it isn't that easy.  Selling the current property is often difficult and the actual cost of moving to a larger property can be hugely expensive. 

So converting the loft is usually easier than upping sticks and buying a larger home.

Another side to this is that often of course we are settled in our home and want to remain there forever - which obviously poses a problem when that property becomes too small to cope when the size of the family increases.  But, a good loft conversion could add up to two bedrooms or living rooms plus an en-suite bathroom making a small house into one suitable for most families.

Add Value

There have been many studies and reports over the years released by banks, estate agents and property firms and they all agree on one thing.  Building a loft conversion is the best and quickest way to add value to your home

Conservatories, kitchens and new windows are all popular home improvement projects but only a loft conversion will add significant value to the property.


Converting the loft for storage is very easy and quick and is a perfect way to add plenty of storage space to the family home.  Building regulations approval is not necessary if you are going to convert the loft for storage and just a few hundred pounds will be needed for materials and labour.

Give the Kids their Freedom

One of the best reasons to build a loft conversion that I can think of is to create a play room for younger children or an ultra cool chill out room for teenagers.  As long as you remember to sound proof the thing you are sorted!

My daughter absolutely loved her chill out room and it was big enough not only to include all the game consoles, computers and stereo equipment that teenagers need but could also accommodate a homework study area.

Bin the Commute

More and more of us are working from home or starting a home based business.  Converting the loft into a home office is a great idea and, from the feedback I have received, it is one of the most popular of all loft conversion ideas for UK homeowners.

By creating an office in the roof you are effectively separating your business from your home life yet saving a fortune on commuting and the costs of running a separate office.

More Reasons to Convert your Loft

I'm sure you can think of plenty but adding a new large master bedroom, double bedrooms for the kids or a huge bathroom are all great reasons to build a loft conversion and to increase the space in your home.

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