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When you're looking to cheaply convert the loft than it is very possible so long as you're looking for storge solutions instead of changing the roof space into a new habitable room such as a bathroom.

And, it has to be said, changing the loft to become an extra storage is a very simple and lower cost method of making full utilisation of the often neglected space in your roof.

Normally, when speaking about changing the loft we mean a permanent inhabitable room - be it a new bedroom, office or even a playroom for the youngsters. But even without going to the work and expense of a full conversion the loft can still be terribly effectively utalised as an additional storage and terribly cheaply too.

Some loft storage solutions won't require building regulations approval but most will.

And, unless using the space for very light storage, you will have to put in a new floor and joists.

The existing beams in your loft won't be adequate to bear loads.

The even better news is that cheap loft conversions as a basic storage solution can frequently be done in just a couple of days.

And, there are some expert builders who will, for around £1500-£2000, install joists, a new hatch, lighting and a studio ladder in just 24 hours.

Doing the work yourself will see that cost tumbling.

Adding skylight windows will add to the cost and isn't truly needed though if you happen to use the space on a regular basis than a studio window should be added.

An important point to bear in mind is that all conversions must be safe and all electrical and fire safety guiding principles should be followed.

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