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With so many different types being available choosing the best tiles for the job isn't always the easiest of tasks when decorating a room.

And, ceramics aren't the only choice either as, depending on the room you are decorating, there are tiles made from other materials which will be more suitable.

So, on this page, we will look at all the different choices that the householder can make and the different materials available to you whether you are renovating an existing room or decorating a newly built loft conversion. Lets look at the different kinds of tiles:


Giving the best protection against water ceramic tiles are perfect for bathroom and kitchen walls.

The tiles are made from thin pieces of clay protected by a plain or colured glaze and can also be patterned.

Usually square in shape they can nevertheless be found in many different shapes and, of course, a bewildering array of colours.

When it comes to choosing ceramic tiles the most common sizes are either 4 or 6 inch squares though they can be found in much bigger sizes.

Tiling a wall isn't too difficult and should be within the reach of most of us.

Mosaic Tiles

These small shapes are provided in many different colours and usually with either a mesh or paper backing. They can look highly effective, particularly in a contemporary setting, but are fiddly to work with.

Mirror & Metallic Tiles

Used by many people as a decorating feature mirror tiles and the lighter metallic types can be used effectively in bedrooms. Of course mirror tiles are perfect for the bathroom but care does need to be taken when fixing them to the wall because of their weight.

Mirror tiles may need to be fixed with mirror screws or plates and care must be taken to ensure the surface to which they are fixed is completely smooth and clean.

Cork Tiles

Most often used as a floor covering cork tiles can be effective when used as a feature on a wall. Use sealed tiles as they are stronger and the unsealed types are an absolute pain to seal once they are in position.

Quarry Tiles

A rustic version of the ceramic type, quarry tiles look fantastic when used as flooring. They are fixed in a similar way to how ceramic tiles are hung.

Where To Use Your Tiles

On this site we talk about ways of using tiles when decorating the loft but they can of course also be used all over the house.

A great way to use mirror tiles is if you have an alcove in which you have fitted shelves. Use mirror tiles on the wall behind glass shelves to create a great viewing area for collectables or books.

Mirror tiles on wardrobe doors not only look great but is a practical and space saving idea.

Ceramic tiles can be laid on top of tables and worktops to create an interesting and robust work area.

Choosing ceramic tiles will take a little while but getting it right produces great results.

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