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Your loft conversion isn’t officially finished until you receive the final certificate from the local building control office.

Even at this stage there is still the decoration to be done but as far as your builders are concerned once that final certificate is handed over they have done their job and can be on their way.

The certificate will be issued by the building control officers after they have completed the last of their schedule of site inspections.

At this point the inspector will be looking at two things in particular.

He will want to make sure that the new plumbing is all connected and working well after the second fix has been put in.

But, the main thing he will be looking at, is that the fire escape route has been built in accordance with the fire regulations.

He will make sure that the doors all meet the fire resistance standards and that everything has been completed in line with the plans originally submitted as part of the building regulations application way back when your new loft conversion was just a gleam in your eye.

Why That Piece Of Paper Is So Important

It may not seem to be a big deal but that final completion certificate is a very important piece of paper.

The certificate is official proof that your conversion has been carried out in accordance with the building regulations.

It is absolutely essential to have this certificate as you will find it next to impossible in the future to sell your property without it and you may even need to remove all the work you have had done.

We get so many emails into this site from people who have had unauthorised loft conversions carried out or from prospective house buyers whose sellers can’t produce a final certificate.

In all cases the sale will fall through and could cost the homeowner thousands of pounds. Not only from the lost sale but for the new work needed to bring the loft conversion up to scratch.

Without the final certificate your home insurance will be invalid and it really is not worth going there.

Don’t leave Home Without It

It is important that you don’t make your final payment to your builder until that final completion certificate is handed over.

By retaining some money you will have leverage should the building officers insist on any remedial work being done.

Don’t Sweat It

Despite all the dire warnings above as long as your project has followed the guidelines laid down in the building regs the final certificate will be issued without drama and you will be the proud owner of a brand new and officially approved loft conversion.

Now you just have to decorate it!

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