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When convereting the loft energy conservation is important not only because of the strict guidelines laid down in the building regulations but also because the new loft room can become both unbearably hot and very cold.

But good insulation and ventilation, the key components of energy conservation, help to maintain an ambient temperature in the hottest of summers and the coldest of winters.

What Are The Issues?

The reason why new rooms in the roof space can become overly warm is twofold. Firstly, warm air rises and will collect in the loft and, in the summer, the warm rays from the sun will penetrate the roof and that heat will be further intensified by the glazing of the new skylight windows. In winter the opposite occurs resulting in lower temperatures.

Of course this doesn’t sound good at all.

But the good news is that all these problems can easily be resolved at the planning stage.

The even better news is that by using modern materials you can not only ensure that the temperature is perfect at any time of the year but you also be conserving energy and saving money at the same time. Sounds a bit better now doesn’t it!

Energy Conservation In Loft Conversions

Most of the steps needed to both conserve energy and make the new loft rooms comfortable in terms of temperature, ventilation and condensation are laid down in the building regulations.

Basically this means that if the issues aren’t addressed at the planning stage than building regulations approval will not be granted.

So it is obviously important to get things in order when you are planning to convert your loft.

Why The Fuss?

Well, apart from the need to keep the temperature properly controlled there are other benefits.

We have already mentioned that conserving energy will help the environment and you don’t have to be a mad tree hugger to know how important that is.

But, from a more altruistic point of view, making sure that the ventilation and the different types of insulation used is effective as possible will save you money on heating bills and the new loft room will serve as a sort of huge duvet adding warmth to the rest of the house.

The final huge plus point is that by utilising energy conservation techniques ensuring your thermal envelope is sealed you will be adding thousands of pounds to the value of your property.

Energy Conservation In Loft Conversions - Adding Value

By their very nature loft conversions will increase the value of your home but an energy efficient conversion will add even more pounds to your pocket.

The reason for this is that every home now requires a energy performance certificate whenever they are sold. Every home is rated on a scale of A (the best) to G (the worst or basically the coldest - think igloo here).

A good loft conversion will ensure that even the oldest buildings can be rated at the top end of the scale making the home so much more attractive to potential buyers.

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