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On this page we will look at a couple of loft conversion examples including a new bedroom and a living area to give you some inspiration if you are planning to convert your loft.

Bedrooms and living areas are the two most common types of loft conversions seen in the UK although the roof space can be more or less anything you want it to be.

Bedroom Loft Conversion

By far the most popular conversion a bedroom can be made to look absolutely stunning and, even better, any bedroom can be improved even more with the addition of an en-suite bathroom.

The best bedroom loft conversions make full use of large skylight windows to ensure the room has the full benefits of the copious amounts of natural light that the highest room in the house will receive. But large windows also have another benefit.

Is there anything more romantic than gazing at the night sky from the comfort of your loft bedroom?

Installing large skylights equipped with electronically controlled blinds will allow you to open and close the blinds at the start and end of the day.

As we said above any bedroom will be improved with an en-suite bathroom and the space in the loft should be ample to include a luxurious bathroom complete with WC to complement your new bedroom.

A bathroom in the roof space does present some difficulties in regards to plumbing particularly with connecting the new waste pipes to the properties existing plumbing system though any competent plumber should be able to find a solution.

With bedrooms another issue to consider is storage though shorter wardrobes can be easily fitted into most loft conversions.

Coupled with making creative use of the space available under the eaves should ensure there is enough storage for even the most enthusiastic clothes shopper.

Living Space

Some of the best examples of loft conversions are those that create a huge new living space in the roof. Like bedrooms, large expanses of skylights an make a living room in the roof truly spectacular.

Adding a balcony window and terrace will make the room even more luxurious and make hot, sunny summer days at home even more enjoyable.

The idea of creating a living area in the roof is relatively new but New York style loft living room more and more popular in the UK living room loft conversions are now very common.

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