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Is there anywhere on the net that you can get free plans to help you convert your loft?

We are frequently asked that question and our answer is always the same.

There may well be some obscure site offering freebie plans but they will be free for a reason. They will be of absolutely no use nor value to you.

They say there is no such thing as a free lunch and in this instance that is so very true.

All loft conversions are different.

Though they may have the same features such as a dormer and new staircase but the structural calculations, fire safety considerations and roof space will be different.

Because of this it is impossible for anyone to offer a ‘one size fits all’ set of drawings and plans.

It is also worth remembering that one of the drawings that have to be submitted as part of your building regulations application must show the immediate environs of the property including boundaries with neighbouring properties.

Another needs to show all the existing floors and elevations of the property.

Because of this it is always advisable to have your plans drawn up by a professional designer, draughtsman or architect.

And those professions are, quite rightly, not renowned for offering their highly qualified services for free.

Please don’t waste your time and energy looking for free drawings that will be of no value.

You will be much better off looking for a professional architect who will be able to provide accurate drawings.

And these plans will contain all the information required by the local building control officers to ensure building regulations approval.

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