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Some quick and easy tips...

1) Choose your building company carefully. Always speak to previous customers and satisfy yourself that is someone you can not only work with but also trust.

2) When going through the selection process ask if the building company will be erecting scaffolding for delivering materials.

You don’t want labourers constantly going through the house carrying materials when they can be delivered via crane through the scaffolding on the roof.

3) Agree a contract with a timetable that both you and your builder are happy with. Don’t set unrealistic targets but don’t accept unreasonable delays. Your architect will be able to provide you with a draft contract.

4) Make sure you manage the project. This your house, your money and your project. Don’t be afraid to tell your builders if you aren’t happy with an aspect of his work or if you think he is deviating from the plans.

5) Taking into account number 4 (above) don’t try and teach your grandmother how to suck eggs. If a qualified tradesmen is telling you something it is usually best to listen but the final decision is yours.

6) Keep communication open between yourself and your contractors. Talk to them; don’t put up barriers between yourself and ‘the workmen’.

7) Be accessible. Don’t go missing without leaving a contact phone number. Very often unforeseen things will crop up and your contractor will need a decision from you before continuing work. If you can’t be reached than work will come to a stop.

8) Pay promptly but never fully in advance. Agree a timetable of staggered payments and only pay when each stage of the project is finished to your satisfaction.

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