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When you are converting the loft the new lighting needs to be installed at the first fix electrics stage of the project.

The good news is that lighting can make a good room look great and its creative use adds a huge amount to even the most mundane of loft conversions.

And the even better news is that good quality lighting won't add much to the budget and is surprisingly cheap.

It is easy to install very stylish lighting including the ever popular recessed ceiling lights, up lighters or, if you are looking for a really contemporary and trendy feel, how about installing some lights in the floor?

They are a guaranteed wow factor.

Go Green

The homeowner really has no choice here.

Part L of the building regulations state that 25% of all new fixed lighting must be rated as energy efficient compact fluorescent lights.

There is a further requirement that should the roof space be larger than 25 square meters than a minimum of two energy efficient lights must be fitted.

If in doubt about this ask your local councils building control officers for advice.

Loft Conversion Lighting

Of course the style of lighting that you choose will depend on the use that the new room(s) are being put too.

Soft romantic lighting will be great for a new master bedroom but not so great if you are building an office from which to run your home business.

Similarly, the lighting needs of a hobby room will be vastly different from that needed for a childrens playroom.

The most important thing is to ensure that the location and style of lighting is shown correctly on your plans and that the electrician sticks to the plans rather than installing the light fittings where it is easiest for him. This does happen so keep on top of it.

The fittings and cabling will be installed during the first fix electrics stage and it is vital that you are absolutely clear about the positioning of the lights at this point.

If you change your mind afterwards much of the first fixes may need to taken out leading to delays and more expense. Something that obviously needs to be avoided.

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