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There are sites on the Internet, including this one, where you can find a loft conversion quote but what should you be looking for if you do decide to find out more about the costs involved in converting your loft?

The first thing to say is to ensure that you get more than a single quote from different builders and of course it is essential to contact contractors that are local to you.

The value of local knowledge shouldn’t be under-estimated as these builders will be used to dealing with the building control office as well as being able to source the best value materials from nearby suppliers. Getting more than one quote is essential as you need to be able to compare like for like and the only way you can discover if an estimate is competitive is to put it side by side with those submitted by other builders.

It is important to remember that the lowest quotation isn’t necessarily the best.

Just because a building company is cheaper doesn’t mean it is better. In fact the opposite is often true.

Receiving a quote from a building company can be a little daunting as you try to wade through the technical detail but there are a few things you need to clarify to see if they are included in the costs.

For example are the preparation and submission of the plans included and are any revisions requested by the council's building control officers also part of the cost or will they be subject to an additional charge?

Is the builder responsible for ensuring the work complies with the building regulations and will they submit the application itself?

Similarly if there are any planning issues involved will the building company ensure that these are resolved?

Of course probably the first thing you will look at when receiving the quote is the bottom line figure.

But it isn’t just final amount that is important it is how it will be paid.

Although a deposit for materials is acceptable it is best practise to only pay for work when it is completed.

The best loft conversion online quotes will contain a payment schedule were payments are made after each stage of the work is finished. It should go without saying but never pay the full costs up front.

Also make sure the quote includes dates for beginning and completing the job. You may want to consider negotiating penalty clauses that will see a rebate should the builder not finish the work on time.

And, finally, it is important that the quote specifies that the final payment won’t be due until the completion certificate is handed over by the building control officer.

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