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Many of the questions we receive at the site concern the building regulations.

And many of those queries are about completion certificates and the problems that can sometimes arise in selling a property after a loft conversion.

The readers question below is an example of what can happen when paperwork goes missing and the importance of the completion certificate.

Readers Question

I have a loft conversion in my bungalow completed in May 2006, I attained building regulations and every step of the conversion was monitored by the local authority.

I am now in the process of selling my property, but the local authority will not issue the completion certificate, because the smoke alarms need to be wired in to the electrics, the safety catch on the escape window needs to be fitted and the balustrade spindles do not meet with regulations.

And they are now questioning the drawings and design which was sent to them at the beginning so I could obtain building regulations, personally I think they have lost my file as this was four years ago!!!

If I do not comply and sell to my cash buyer, is there a time span for completion certificates, say she wanted to sell the property on in years to come would it be a problem?

Experts Answer

The homeowner should have received a letter from the building control officer informing them that building regulations had been applied for, and all drawings met current regulations.

This would also have had their unique reference number, once building control have acknowledged the plans and started inspections it is down to the contractor to satisfy the building control officer that all work has been carried out as per the drawings.

If all the work is up to standard the building officer should sign off regardless of his file being missing.

First thing to do is show him the building regs notice and the plans, if these have been drawn up by an architect he should have a copy, and if all work has been carried out to the drawings this should satisfy the building control officer and allow him to sign off the conversion.

If for some reason this cannot happen you could always take out an indemnity insurance policy which would allow any future buyer to claim of the policy should any problems from the council arise in the future.

The loft conversion regulations are hugely important and must not be ignored when thinking about converting the roof space. You can read a comprehensive guide to the regulations regarding loft conversions elsewhere on this site.

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