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When obtaining a builders quote you need to know exactly what your lestimated costs include.

Receiving a quote and actually digesting what it contains can be difficult as there will be plenty of technical detail in there but it is important that you dig through the bumpf and determine exactly what the quote does include.

So what should you be looking for?

Naturally the first thing is that the quote should be in proper written form.

Don’t ever accept a verbal quote or one scribbled on the back of a fag packet for that matter.

Your quote and loft conversions cost should contain:

1) The builder is responsible for carrying out the requirements of the Party Wall Act and should give advance notice of the work to your neighbours.

2) Probably the most important part of the quote, aside from the bottom line figure, is that the contractor is responsible for complying with the building regulations.

This should include making the application, ensuring the applications success and Specify if the cost includes paying all fees.

Hugely important is that the quote or final contract specifies that the work is only finished when the completion certificate is issued by the councils building control officers.

3) The design and preparation of the plans should be included unless of course you are employing an independent architect or designer.

4) The agreed start and finish date of the project should be specified. This is important as you should insist on penalty clauses being included should work drag on beyond the specified completion date.

5) A payment schedule. Always make sure that when and what you will pay is in black and white.

Never, ever, pay in full up front and you should only pay for each batch of work when it is completed though an initial payment for materials is acceptable and normal.

Making sure that all the above is included in the quote should ensure that your expenditure is kept under control and manageable.

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