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Extending their loft conversion with a balcony is a project that more and more homeowners are considering when they think about converting the loft.

It used to be the case that loft conversions would strictly be a choice between adding a dormer or using flat skylight windows.

But in recent years companies such as Velux have created new products that makes adding a balcony to a loft conversion very easy and something that can be accommodated in most design ideas.

Adding A Balcony

Their are basically two types of balcony that can be used for loft conversions depending on your budget and what you want to use your balcony for.

Window Balcony Systems

These are the easiest and cheapest way of adding a balcony to a loft conversion. These floor level windows form an instant balcony when they are opened. The drawback of course is that the 'balcony' is tiny and is not a useable space.

However these window balcony systems are very good for increasing the feeling of space within a loft conversion.

Roof Terrace Systems

These are the 'real deal'. Installing a roof terrace system allows you to create a useable balcony that can be used as an outdoor space.

The terrace or balcony can be as large as you wish and I have seen loft conversions with balconies that extend almost the full width of the roof space.

The systems include windows that open both upwards and outwards and which can of course be fully closed at night or in inclement weather. The balcony is built directly onto the lowest part of the roof and will be enclosed with railings.

The large windows allow loads of natural light into the loft and this type of installation can also be used as an emergency exit.

Not all properties are suitable for a balcony and the roof pitch will probably need to be bigger than 33 degrees or so.

Flat Roof Balconies

There is another occasion when a balcony can be added to a loft conversion. If your property includes a flat roof adjacent to the new loft room than of course it would be very easy to provide an exit to the flat roof and to build a 'balcony' area on the flat roof.

Unfortunately of course we are not all blessed with such a convenient solution so a roof terrace system will undoubtedly be the best option for most of us when converting the loft.

When To Add A Balcony

A bedroom or living room loft conversion will benefit massively by adding a balcony to the design. What could be better on a summers morning taking breakfast on the balcony or, later in the day, sharing a bottle of wine whilst the rest of the world scurries around below you?

What Is The Cost Of A Loft Conversion With Balcony?

Unsurprisingly these systems aren't cheap and you will probably be looking at adding around £6000 to you budget if you wish to install a roof terrace system.


If you hadn't previously thought about a loft conversion with balcony I would strongly suggest you do so as this would not only add greatly to your enjoyment of your new loft conversion but will also add value and desirability to the property should you wish to sell in the future.

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