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Converting the loft is the perfect answer if you are looking to anexe part of the house for your hobby.

The loft will provide enough storage space and working area to ensure even the most enthusiastic hobbyist is truly pampered and, much to the relief of the rest of the family, keeps him or her safely tucked away from visitors.

Your teenage daughter will no longer run the risk of dying of embarrassment when her father dons his train drivers cap and whistle nor will the son dread being asked to model the dress his mother is running up on the sewing machine.

Well, that may be an exaggeration but the premise holds true. A modellers loft or hobby room in the roof space can be an ideal sanctuary for the hobbyist who has formerly had to seek refuge in the garage or shed.

With so much quality furnishings and specialist building companies around a modellers loft or hobby room can be achieved relatively quickly though naturally, all the building regulations must still be satisfied.

Like all other options for a loft conversion a hobby room needs to be carefully planned out.

Depending on the hobby and use of the loft extension the staircase must be easy to transverse, storage carefully arranged and lighting considered.

Unless the new room will serve as an artists studio large skylight windows aren't necessary but the electrical work must be carefully considered as there must be enough conveniently positioned power-points to service the hobbyists needs.

Whatever the final design the loft room you come up with will enable you to spend many happy hours in persuit of your chosen hobby.

But do take time to plan and make sure everything is right before you start the building work. Don’t be tempted to take short cuts…..

My first ‘loft conversion’ consisted of throwing a few old doors over the joists in the roof, adding a jerry rigged inspection lamp for light and a few sheets of hardboard as ‘walls’ surrounding a train set.

Needless to say it didn’t last long and I’m still amazed I didn’t kill myself but the idea was right.

The space at the top of the house really is perfect for all kinds of hobbies – from modelling to dress-making to gaming.

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