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Insulation is of course an essential ‘must have’ for the homeowner because much of a property’s heat can be lost through the roof space.

Indeed, as we shall see, there are strict rules on insulation covering new builds which includes loft conversions.

Typical foam insulation is produced by combining two liquid components. When sprayed they produce a foam which expands. Within five minutes it solidifies to become a material with exceptional insulation properties.

Indeed, the foam serves a double purpose. When sprayed on the underside of roof tiles the foam not only provides insulation, but fixes the tiles in place. So it is particularly useful for older roofs and is sometimes used in loft conversions.

Installing this kind of insulation can also be carried out as a DIY project. Kits are available for those wanting to take on the challenge.

his type of sprayed material offers several advantages over other insulation and can maintain the properties thermal envelope. The foam adheres to all surfaces and is easy to apply.

Anyone used to spraying paint should have no problems when working with foam insulation. It dries quickly and does not drip.

The manufactures of the spray foam insulation kits assure the public that experts are not required to carry out the work. It is just a case of reading and keeping to the instructions.

They also give assurance that the foam will not rot the roof timbers. However, if rot is already present it should be dealt with before any spraying can commence. Also the foam insulation in the roof will not absorb moisture.

As for the risk of fire the material contains fire retardants. Also current building regulations demand that any roof insulation foam should be covered by a fire resistant structure.

Roof foam insulation, as well as saving on heating bills, offers other benefits. It helps cut down on noise pollution and keeps the property cooler during the warmer weather. It also helps improve the stability of the roof itself.

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