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Answer From Our Expert
by: Jeremy Wedge


There are a number of points here, and we list them as follows:

- you will need to serve a party wall notice on your neighbour and get agreement in advance of any work being undertaken.

- the RSJ solution and the support conditions are not ideal as the load paths will cause problems to the existing fabric of roof and lower floors. If your are making significant alterations to your roof you will need to seek professional advice, and have your architects design validated. In remodelling a roof we would look at other materials apart from steel, we look at engineered timber products of flitch beams. We do this for two reasons, weight and the products are easier to work with and install in a domestic situation.

This sounds like a significant alteration that will require building regulation approval, we can provide supporting design and information to obtain approval.

If you would like further information and professional advice, please contact me at for further advice.

RSJ in chimney breast
by: Michael

I suppose you are talking about the new steel ridge beam to support the roof of the dormer..

You are right, an RSJ must not be fitted into the chimney breast.

One end can be fitted into the party wall while the other end of th RSJ (on the side of the chimney) has to be supported on a post.

The post itself must rest on something solid (a floor steel beam or a flitched beam)and be no closer than 40mm from the chimney.

I could send you some pictures if you send your email address.

All the best.


my email address is

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