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When undertaking a loft project the installation of skylights really does bring the whole project to life.

By the time the windows are ready to be fitted most of the interior work will have been completed and the homeowner will be begin to see his dream project coming to fruition.

It really is stunning to stand in a converted loft with natural light streaming through the windows and think back to when that same loft was just a dingy and very dark space that was home to discarded family items and a water tank.

Way back at the design stage plans will have been made regarding the type, size and number of windows to be installed.

Dormer Or Not?

The first question that needed to answered at the design stage was whether or not a dormer would be required.

If there is plenty of headroom than a dormer isn’t needed which makes choosing and fitting the loft windows much easier.

But there is still quite a number of options open to the homeowner.

Type Of Loft Window

In this article we are using the term ‘skylight windows’ as an umbrella for all loft windows though not including dormers.

Of course the huge advantages that loft windows have over dormers is that they don’t need much space in which to be fitted, they are considerably cheaper and very easy to fit.

When you think of skylight windows don’t just think in terms of one. They look superb when used side by side or even in banks of four. The later option lets in an unbelievable amount of natural light.

Centre Pivot

This type of window is probably the most commonly used in UK loft conversions.

As the name suggests these windows can pivot up to 180 degrees which makes cleaning easier.

Because of their design theses windows can be positioned almost to the very apex of the roof.

Top Hung

Also very popular the top hung loft window has a hinge along it’s top allowing the window to be opened outwards at a 45 degree angle.

These kind of windows are ideal if the roof has a very shallow pitch.

The other kinds of popular loft windows include roof balcony and terrace systems.

The balcony loft window forms a ‘balcony’ effect as they are opened though only the terrace loft window actually allows you to walk out through the window onto a balcony or possibly a flat roof.

Loft Window Sizes

And don’t think that the larger the window the better. Even a small single loft window will let in a great amount of natural light.

The most common size of loft window has a width of 550mm which is usually ideal for most trussed rafter roofs with 550x780mm and 550x980mm the most popular sizes.

However, skylight windows can be as big as 1340x980mm and even bigger for bespoke windows in the largest of loft conversions.

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