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by: Chris Hughes

... for that, Jeremy - most helpful.

I'll have to give all that some thought!

Answer From Our Expert
by: Jeremy Wedge

1) 1) Mess is always an issue with any building project, it can be reduced if measures are taken to seal of the areas affected by the works, i.e. polythene tapped to the doors etc and using a vacuum to lift the surface dust.

When removing the plaster it would be worthwhile, cutting the areas to be removed as this will mitigate over cutting.

If you are relocating the hatch and altering the supporting timbers you should have this checked by an engineer as you could be altering a key structural element. We would be pleased to quote you for an assessment of the alteration works.

2)Answer: Have you considered steam cleaning the woodchip paper, if it has been painted it would be worth while scoring the surface and sponging the surface. You can hire a steam ?wall paper remover?.

Replacement is a lot of work and need to be undertaken In phase to mitigate the disturbance in the house.

One question that we would ask is does the house have any historic interest and will it need consent to undertake these works?

3)We are unable to pass an opinion on the condition of the capacity of the structure of this building due to its age.

In line with answer to question 1 above, we would be pleased to assess the roof with you. Should you wish to take this matter forward we would be pleased to undertake this assessment for you and provide a solution accordingly.

4)It is worthwhile for you to contact the local authority for a list of qualified trade?s people.

Should you wish to discuss this mater further please contact us at

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