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Velux is a name that has become commonplace and the company's windows are among the most popular products used in the UK by homeowners and builders when converting a loft.

The company are famous throughout the world as one of the top producers of roof windows for loft conversions.

Knowing the benefits of installing Velux windows it is then a case of how many of them you need to install. The advantage of using Velux products is they can be fitted in any sort of roof.

A builder or loft installer will not only be well placed to advise on your loft conversion, but also how many windows may be able to be fitted.

It must be mentioned that the building regulations in the UK may insist that you must have an escape route out of your new room in case of fire.

Velux produce an escape window to help you meet these laws. Because loft conversions come in various styles, Velux have developed differing kinds of roof windows. There are the centre-pivot windows, operated by a top control bar.

Other options include a roof window which can on occasion be swiftly turned into a balcony with the Cambrio Balcony System.

Some skylight windows are electrically controlled, for example the Integral, where a hand control set allows you open and shut windows that are set high and are not able to be simply reached.

And the company also produce a special type of window for for properties located in conservation areas where planning permission regulations are extremely stern.

With such a good range of choice of windows they have become one of the top brands for those wanting the benefits of sunlight for their loft areas.

More About Velux

Velux are, without a doubt, the biggest name in the loft conversion industry. Everyone has heard of the famous company, which, for over 60 years, has been producing top quality products.

So well known has the company become that their name is synonymous with loft windows – yet there are many more manufacturers of roof lights within the UK.

But, many specialist loft conversion companies will only recommend Velux loft windows, so it may be helpful for anyone planning a loft conversion to have more information about the company and their products.

The company began manufacturing loft windows in Denmark in 1941 and have always remained at the fore-front of the industry by enlarging their product base and staying ahead of the pack with their use of technology.

They now offer roof lights in a variety of styles with multiple glazing options and electrically operated units.

The advances they have made is staggering and, for those seeking the ultimate luxury for their loft conversion, their roof terrace and balcony systems are quite extraordinary.

The companies balcony system is, like most great ideas, a brilliant but simple concept.

The window comprises of two parts and it’s appearance when closed is like most other roof lights.

To operate the upper section of the toughened and laminated window is first opened before the lower section is ‘pushed’ forward.

Banister rails then automatically fix into position to ingeniously complete the transformation from window to balcony.

A complete balcony system will cost around £4,000 but will completely transform your loft conversion.

For the ultimate in luxury, and for ensuring that the Jones’s will never be able to keep up with you, the companies roof terrace system is probably the last word in loft conversion design.

Costing up to around £6,000 the roof terrace features a two part unit. The upper section opens to 45 degrees with the lower sections being walk-through. By combining a number of units the roof terrace can to be built to any length, although extra work may need to be completed on the buildings structure.

In recent years Velux have been known for their innovative approach to loft windows and their electrically operated windows and blinds are a great addition to any conversion. Bedrooms especially benefit from electrically operated windows.

It should be pointed out that this website has no connection whatsoever to Velux but a UK loft conversion resource could not be complete without looking at some of the innovative products produced by this company especially as Velux loft conversions has become a rather common phrase.

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