Why Build A Loft Conversion?

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Building a loft conversion can easily and quickly add living space and value to your property and, more importantly, you can build that space exactly as you wish.

We’ve all had that yearning for an extra room – perhaps for a larger bedroom, an ultra-modern living space or that home office you’ve always wanted.

The usual solution to wanting extra space has been either to move, wait for the kids to leave home or to bury the spouse under the patio. Not anymore.

That dark, dusty and wasted area in your loft can, with the right loft conversion and ideas, become the best room in the house.

Make The Most Of Wasted Space

Converting the loft is the most popular home improvement project in the UK. And in the current economic climate they are more popular than ever.

The massive cost of moving to a larger property and the reticence of banks to grant mortgages combined with many of us needing to be financially prudent means that more than ever before property owners are looking to utilise all the available space in our existing properties rather than looking to buy a larger house.

Leaving the roof space empty and unused is probably wasting over 20% of the habitable room in the property. Of course, most of us only use the loft as storage, venturing up there once a year to retrieve the Christmas decorations or balancing precariously on the joists to try and find that long-forgotten present from mother-in-law who has just announced a surprise visit.

But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Anything Goes

It may be hard to envisage at the moment but that draughty, cobweb ridden no-go-zone in your roof can become almost anything you wish it to be.

Your current dark and unused loft could become:

An ultra-modern and luxurious bedroom with king size bed, built-in wardrobes and deep, indulgent carpets with an en-suite bathroom.

A hobby room with loom, sewing machine or maybe even a sprawling train set.

A self contained playroom for the kids with space enough to store all their toys or chill-out room for a teenager with state-of-the-art hi-fi, computer, TV and sound-proofed walls!

A stylish living room complete with contemporary fittings and large banks of windows to capture the natural light.

An office or study away from distractions replete with the latest technology and enough storage space for a small business.

Whatever your imagination can come up with – a loft can be converted into that special space. But don't worry if you need a bit of inspiration to come with the right plan. We cover all the options on our loft conversion design ideas pages.

Using This Site

This site is intended to be an independent resource for anyone who needs help with negotiating the minefield of red-tape, choosing a builder or who is looking for inspiration on how to go about a large project like this one.

Perhaps you wish to know if your loft conversion will improve the value of your home or maybe you are slightly weary of the whole process and just need some advice?

When you decide to convert the loft there are a thousand and one things to consider but we cover all the basics in our all you need to know guide.

Finding What You Need

There is a huge amount of information on this site and hopefully you will have no problem finding what you need. However with well over 500 pages we realise that it may not be immediately apparent where to find all the information you require so why not use our handy search page to make sure you find everything you require.

Please look around the site, take your time, take notes and, please, call back soon.

In the meantime if you're looking for some great finishing touches for your loft conversion visit our sister site OldnDazed for some amazing vintage metal signs.

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