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Building a loft conversion is undeniably a major project for any homeowner to consider, plan and undertake.

But being a major project is really the only negative involved when you decide to convert your loft. Yet there are so many positives.

The first of which is that by carrying out a conversion we can add significant value to the property.

As much as 20% in some cases, so building a new room in the loft can be a sound financial investment. Another positive is of course the extra living space that will be created.

And, although bedrooms is by far the most popular loft extension, the use that the roof space can be put to is virtually unlimited.

Many people choose to create a living room, a bathroom, children's playroom or even a modellers or hobby room.

Others choose to run their business at home and they build an office in their loft.

So, that empty attic can be many things to many people but because it is a significant investment in your home you should carry out your research before making any firm plans. Which is where we can help.

On the many pages of this site anyone considering such a project will find plenty of useful advice, pointers, recommendations, opinions and information on all aspects of building that dream loft conversion.

But, as with any major home improvement work, the whole concept and amount of information available can be bewildering.

The purpose of this page is to provide a quick and easily found link to the questions you may need answering. Scroll down to find the answer to your question:

Planning and Regulations

Q Will my loft conversion require planning permission?
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Q What are the building regulations?
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Q What is the difference between planning permission and building regulations approval?
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Q Why should I bother applying for building regulations approval?
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Q What is the Party Wall Act and how do I abide by it?
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Staircases and Ladders

Q What do I need to know about loft staircases?
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Q Which is the best staircase design for a loft conversion?
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Q Is a spiral staircase a practical alternative?
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Q Which loft ladder should I use?
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Q How do I choose and install a wooden loft ladder?
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Designs and Building

Q How much will a loft conversion cost?
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Q How can I pay for a loft conversion?
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Q Will a loft conversion add value to my home?
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Q Which conversion options should I consider?
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Q Which loft windows should I use?
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Q Should I install a dormer window?
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Q How do I find a reputable builder?
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Q Should I use a specialist loft conversion company?
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Q Is my roof space suitable for a loft conversion?
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