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The old water tank will need to be moved if your roof space is being converted into a habitable room.

Once the first fix plumbing stage is reached it is time for the tank to be repositioned.

The caveat here is that there is the option to do away with the water tank completely if a new combination boiler has been installed but let's assume that, like most loft conversions, the old tank is being repositioned or replaced.

Old Or New?

In older properties the tank will most likely be a big hulk made from steel or possibly fibreglass in more modern houses.

But, these old tanks can be replaced by bigger and better newer models made from plastic.

These new tanks will last for a very long time and can easily hold up to 50 gallons of water.

A new tank won't add much to the budget so it would be a good move to invest in a new one.

Relocating The Tank

Whether the old or a new tank is being used it is important to position it in the best possible place. The thing to remember here is that the tank must be accessible in case repair or maintenance is required.

The obvious, and best place, to put the new loft water tank in in the eaves.

Just about every loft conversion will utilise the eaves as storage space with cupboards right around the edge of the room. This is the perfect place in which to put the tank.

The cupboard that houses the tank must be insulated and of course the space needs to be accessible.

If the eaves aren't used than there are another couple of options with a cupboard above the loft stairs being the most obvious.

In very old properties where there is a massive amount of headroom it is sometimes possible to install a new small loft above the loft conversion! This would be the perfect place for the tank.

It Weights A Tonne!

Well, not quite. But a full water tank is very heavy.

So it goes without saying that the floor on which it stands must be reinforced to take the additional weight.

This can be done quite easily by using timber bearers positioned over several joists.

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