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Window height
by: Anonymous

I have some good news for you. Building regs clearly state that as an alternative to moving your window, you may simply build a 'fixed step' underneath it.

I find myself in the position of not having to remove a purlin due to this, so I am pleased about this apparantly little-known part of the regs.

retrospective building regs
by: Mike

We had no plans drawn up which with hindsight was a mistake but thats hindsight for you... The builder told us that it was a standard design and that the building inspector would attend several times during the project to ensure everything was OK.

All of which now leaves us in the position that we have a window too far from the eaves and short of knocking down the loft and starting again, are there any other options?

Answer From Our Expert
by: Jeremy Wedge

All loft conversion work should be submitted for ?Full Building Regulations? before work is commenced.

This will sort any issues before they get to site.

Retrospective BR is difficult to obtain and we advise accepting the advice of the Building Control Officer, they are there to protect you.

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